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November and December 2015 Archive

This is an archived event, the next OVTA will be held on December 16th, 2015.

The Ohio Virtual Tax Academy (OVTA) is a free event designed to provide tax-related information to small business owners. Attorneys and accountants are also invited to attend and can earn up to three (3) CLE credits and up to three and a half (3.5) CPE credits. The upcoming OVTA event will be attended exclusively as an online webinar. See the section below to register for the event.


The next event is scheduled for: November 18, 2015


Important If you are seeking CLE and/or CPE credit, you will be expected to watch/listen for the VTA “code words” that will be scattered throughout the presentations.  There are a total of six words that you will need to remember.  Upon exiting the event, you will be prompted to supply the code words in order to receive credit.  Failure to identify the appropriate code words will result in a loss of possible credit awarded.

Effective January 1, 2014, attorneys may earn up to 12 hours of self-study CLE credit towards their annual limit from online webinars. The Ohio Department of Taxation is an equal opportunity employer and provider of ADA services.

If you have any questions please email Organizational Development or call us at (614) 466-7560. Our normal business hours are Mon-Fri 8:00 am - 5:00 pm.


The information presented in the slide presentations and contained in the FAQs is accurate as of the date of the presentation. To the extent that the positions stated in the FAQs do not conflict with any recent legislation, such positions are still in effect.  However, please note that the presentations and FAQs related to OVTA webinars are static and will not be updated to reflect more recent legislation, rules, court decisions, Information Releases or other types of guidance.  Additionally, many times the facts and circumstances surrounding the specific scenario will impact the answer.  Please contact the Department directly if you have any questions (Individual Income Tax - (800) 282-1780 or Business Tax - (888) 405-4039).

8:10- 8:20

Opening Remarks



Marina King & Joe Testa

8:20- 9:40

General Changes in Personal Income Tax for Tax Year 2015

This session will cover all updates for the PIT & SD 2015 tax return filing. Some of those updates include reduced tax rates, changes to the returns including existing schedules, new schedules, and a new donation line. This session will also cover some recent fraud related statistics, schemes ODT is faced with, enforcement efforts, quiz updates and anticipated impacts to taxpayers and practitioners for the upcoming filing season.

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Dave Dulin & Teakilla Phillips

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9:50- 10:40

Business Income Deduction and New Calculation on Business Income

Reporting business income on the personal income tax return - Get a peek at the new form, exclusion, calculations and tax tables as you prepare for the 2015 tax return filing.

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Deborah Smith

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10:40 - 10:50



10:50 - 11:50

Employer Issues: Tax Withholding and Use of Employment Services

This session will cover the basics of “employment services” and “employment placement services”, including an explanation of what the services are and what exclusions apply to them. Significant case law pertaining to these services will also be discussed. This section also includes the basics of Employer Withholding Tax; who is required to withhold, electronic filing requirements and common issues.

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Debra Day, Loretta Hall & Laura Stanley

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11:50 -12:00

Evaluations/Closing Remarks



Joe Testa            

Tax Commissioner

Joe W. Testa is the 18th Tax Commissioner to lead the Ohio Department of Taxation. The Tax Commissioner is responsible for administering and enforcing most state and many local government taxes, including the state income tax, state and local sales taxes, and several business and excise taxes. All told, these taxes provide approximately $30 billion in revenues to support funding of Ohio’s schools and colleges, Medicaid, law enforcement, transportation and a myriad of other public services.


Marina King

Marina King

Program Administrator 

Marina serves as the Lean Deployment Liaison for the Ohio Dept. of Taxation (ODT), with the Office of Agency Performance, Organizational Development Division.  Marina is also responsible for coordinating different conference/seminar/webinars hosted by the Department of Taxation. 


Dave Dulin

Tax Commissioner Agent Supervisor      

Dave Dulin is the Manager of the fraud unit within the Personal Income & School District Income Tax division. He serves in this position with over 11 years taxation experience in the public sector as well as over 5 years in the criminal justice system.


Teakilla Phillips

Tax Commissioner Agent Supervisor   

Teakilla began her state tax career in the Taxpayer Services Division at the Ohio Department of Taxation. She handled inquiries involving the personal income and business taxes. Later, she served as the Electronic Filing Supervisor in the Personal & School District Income Tax Division at Department of Taxation. In that capacity, she coordinated all activities of electronic filing and payment operations to include the Federal/State electronic filing program, Ohio I-File program and Ohio TeleFile program.

Deborah Smith

Administrator - Personal Income & School District Income Tax

Deborah comes to her position with over twenty-five years of tax experience, both private and public sector. Deborah has been the administrator of Personal Income & School District Income Tax for over 5 years and was previously the administrator of the Commercial Activity Tax Division.

Debra Day

Tax Auditor Agent

Debra has worked for the Department for 10 years specializing in Sales and Use Tax as well as Commercial Activity Tax. Prior to working for the Department she spent 7 years working for a private outpatient surgery center in Warren Ohio as their staff accountant.


Loretta Hall

Tax Commissioner Agent

Loretta Hall is a Tax Commissioner Agent in the Employment Tax Division of the Ohio Department of Taxation. She has worked with Personal Income Tax, Employer & School District Withholding and Sales tax and various programs in the Columbus Service Center, Business Tax and Employment Tax divisions. As a lead agent Loretta is responsible for researching & analyzing tax returns, made necessary corrections to returns and provided advice of changes that required interpretation of state and federal laws.


Laura M. Stanley, Esq.

Legal Counsel – Sales and Use Tax

 In her position, Laura is responsible for drafting final determinations, legal ruling requests, administrative rules, information releases, and reviewing proposed legislation, as well as advising the Administrators of the Commercial Activity and Excise Tax Divisions and Tax Commissioner’s Office on legal matters.


Additional Resources

Additional Resources