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Estate Tax

ATTN: Tax Change - Ohio Estate Tax has ended

The Ohio Estate Tax was repealed effective January 1, 2013.  There will be no estate tax on estates of individuals with a date of death on or after January 1, 2013.  This legislative change occurred with the passage of the 2012-2013 Budget Bill, House Bill 153.

For more information on the tax, see the options below.


  • Frequently Asked Questions - Answers to the most common questions about this tax are located here.
  • Information Releases - These releases are technical advisories that offer detailed explanations of the laws, rules and rulings that govern the taxes administered by the Ohio Department of Taxation.
  • Tax Forms - The estate tax return and instructions (ET 2) and all other estate tax forms are here.
  • Interest Rates - The interest rate that applies to overdue taxes changes each year.
  • Estate Tax Interest Calculator
  • Annual Report (PDF) - The estate tax chapter from the Ohio Department of Taxation's annual report is here.

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