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What's New for Tax Year 2020

Filing Season Open - February 12, 2021
Filing Season Deadline - May 17, 2021

Ohio Income Tax Tables. For tax year 2020, Ohio's individual income tax brackets have been modified so that individuals with Ohio taxable nonbusiness income of $22,150 or less are not subject to income tax. See the tax tables and brackets.

Ohio IT 10. This return is available to certain taxpayers who are not requesting a refund and do not have an Ohio individual income or school district income tax liability. Additionally, eligible nonresidents may use the IT 10 to make their nonresident statement in place of filing the IT NRS.

Lead Abatement Credit. A new nonrefundable credit is available for individuals who paid for lead removal and were issued a credit certificate from the Ohio Department of Health. 

FIT Credit. Due to law changes, the financial institution tax (FIT) credit will no longer be available beginning in tax year 2020.

Campaign Contribution Credit. Per the amendment of Senate Bill 39, the campaign contribution credit was reinstated and effective for tax year 2020. 

Ohio Educator Deduction. A new deduction is available on Ohio Schedule A for Ohio educator expenses in excess of the federal deduction. 

Schedules of Withholding. Paper filers must complete the Ohio Schedule of Withholding (and Schedule of School District Withholding) listing each income statement reporting Ohio (or school district) tax withheld. 

IT RC. Paper filers must include the IT RC when claiming the resident credit on the IT 1040. This form determines the portion of Ohio adjusted gross income subjected to tax by another state and the tax paid on that income by an Ohio resident.