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Filing Season Tips

File your return as soon as possible: Filing season opened on February 12, 2021 and the filing season deadline was May 17, 2021. Once you have all the information necessary to complete your return, the Department of Taxation recommends you file your return.

If you are due a refund, filing early allows you to receive your refund sooner. If you owe tax, filing early allows you to reduce or avoid interest and/or penalties.

Verify that your return is complete and accurate prior to submission: Returns with inaccurate information or mistakes take longer to process and may require the Department to request additional information. In particular, verify that:

  • You are using the forms for the correct tax year and tax type. Do not cross out the year at the top of the form and write in a new one.
  • All names and SSNs on your return are correct. This includes you, your spouse, if applicable, and any dependents included on your return.
  • The address on your return is your current address. All refunds, requests for information, and other correspondence will be sent to this address.
  • All necessary schedules and worksheets are included. Specifically, you must include:
    • The Ohio Schedule of Credits if you have an amount on line 9 and/or 16 of your IT 1040;
    • Ohio Schedule IT BUS if you have an amount on line 11 of your Ohio Schedule A;
    • Ohio Schedule J if you have dependents; 
    • Ohio Schedule A if you have an amount on line 2a and/or 2b of your IT 1040; AND
    • Schedule of Withholding if you are reporting individual or school district tax withholding. 
  • All numbers and calculations are entered correctly on the return.
  • You, and your spouse, if applicable, have signed the return.

Maintain supporting documentation: It is your responsibility to provide proof of all items claimed on your return (i.e. income, credits, deductions, etc.). You should either include this information when filing the return, or provide it to the Department upon request. Regardless, the Department recommends that you maintain all supporting documentation for at least 4 years.

The following items must be included when you file your return by paper:

  • Copies of your income statements (W-2s, W2Gs and/or 1099s) if you have an amount on line 14 of your IT 1040 and/or an amount on line 7 of your SD 100.
  • Copies of the required certificates and/or Ohio IT K-1s if you are claiming any refundable and/or nonrefundable business credits on your Ohio Schedule of Credits.

Pay your tax prior to the due date: The Department offers options to pay your Ohio individual income and/or school district income tax due electronically.

The Department also accepts payment of your income tax by personal check or money order. If you choose this option, please make any individual income tax payments payable to "Ohio Treasurer of State" and any school district income tax payments payable to "School District Income Tax."

You must include the appropriate voucher with your check or money order. The voucher you must use will depend on the type of return you filed:

  • For an original IT 1040, use the IT 40P voucher.
  • For an amended IT 1040, use the IT 40XP voucher.
  • For an original SD 100, use the SD 40P voucher.
  • For an amended SD 100, use the SD 40XP voucher.

All vouchers are available on here. Vouchers are year-specific, so make sure you use the correct voucher for the tax year you are paying.

Give your representative permission to speak to the Department: When filing your Ohio IT 1040 and/or SD 100, you can authorize the preparer listed on the return to discuss it with the Department.

Additionally, you can file form TBOR 1, Declaration of Tax Representative to give someone permission to speak to the Department on your behalf. With this form, you can authorize someone to represent you on any and all tax matters and tax years you choose.

Software-generated paper returns: Some tax preparation programs allow you to print your return and submit it via mail. These returns contain a bar code that stores all of the information printed on the return. When the Department receives this return, only the information contained in the bar code is processed. Thus, if you need to make a change after printing your return, you must go back into the program, make the necessary changes and reprint it.

Do not cross out or white out and then write in the changes on returns generated by tax preparation programs. The Department’s system will not pick up handwritten changes on these returns.

Taxpayers with additional questions on these topics may contact the Department of Taxation by email or by calling 1-800-282-1780 (1-800-750-0750 for persons who use text telephones (TTYs) or adaptive telephone equipment).