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Understanding Your Individual Income Tax Billing and Assessment Notices

Below you will see the categories that are available for your review. If you don’t find what you were looking for today, stop back at a later date since we will continue to add content to the eLibrary as it becomes available.


Notice # Tax Interactive Notice Tutorials
0022 Individual Income Income Tax Refund Offset Income Tax Refund Offset
0023 Individual Income Adjustment to Income Tax Refund Offset  Proposed Income Tax Refund Offset
0024 Individual Income Income Tax Refund Offset - Final Adjustment  Adjustment to Income Tax Refund Offset
0208 Individual Income Income Tax Refund Offset - Refund Capture Income Tax Refund Capture
1003 Individual Income Failure to File without Payments
Failure to File with Payments
Failure to File
2001 Individual Income CP2000 Billing CP2000 Billing
3001 Individual Income Variance Billing Variance Billing
3002 Individual Income Income Tax Refund Variance  Income Tax Refund Notice Variance
4001 Individual Income Non-Remittance Billing Non-Remittance Billing
5002 Individual Income FAGI Billing FAGI Billing
6001 Individual Income Income Tax Revenue Agent Report Billing  
7001 School District Income Non-Remittance Billing Non-Remittance Billing
7002  School District Income School District Variance Billing  School District Variance Billing
7003 School District Income School District Tax Refund Notice Variance School District Tax Refund Notice Variance
7004 School District Income Failure to File without Payment
Failure to File with Payment 
School District Failure to File
7005 School District Income School District Revenue Agent Report Billing  
ASMT0001 Individual/School District Income Notice of Corrected Assessment - Balance Due  
ASMT0003 Individual/School District Income Notice of Corrected Assessment - Paid in Full  
ASMT0004 Individual/School District Income Notice of Corrected Assessment - Canceled  
ATAS0037 Individual/School District Income Notice of Assessment  
ATAS0037DD Individual/School District Income Notice of Assessment - Deemed Delivered  

For supporting documentation to include with each line item on the Ohio IT 1040 return, click here.

Taxpayers with additional questions on this subject may contact the Department of Taxation by email or by calling 1-800-282-1780 (1-800-750-0750 for persons who use text telephones (TTYs) or adaptive telephone equipment).