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March 31, 2000  -  Columbus, Ohio  -  One Million and Counting

Electronic tax returns set new record

Governor Bob Taft today commended Ohio taxpayers for making Ohio second in the country this year in the number of state tax returns filed electronically. Only California has more. Through March 28, more than 1.1 million taxpayers have filed their returns electronically or by telephone – breaking last year’s record of just over a million.

Taft encouraged those who haven’t filed yet to consider the electronic option, "The success of our e-file program shows me that people will use technology that works for them. It’s quick; it’s easy; it’s accurate. It really demonstrates that we’re on track with our efforts to increase the opportunities to do business on-line with all our state agencies." In his January State of the State address, Taft outlined a number of on-line initiatives including the creation of the Governor’s Council on Electronic Commerce. The Council, chaired by Ohio’s Chief Information Officer Greg Jackson, is working to bring all key state services on-line by 2002."What’s happening with tax filing, will happen with other state services as they become available, " Taft said. "People want the convenience that the Internet offers and we’re committed to making those services available wherever possible." With the surge of electronic filing, the Department of Taxation has seen paper returns drop by more than 230,000. Tax Commissioner Tom Zaino says the Department saves more than forty cents in processing costs for each electronic return. This is the second year that Ohio has offered electronic filing. The deadline for filing taxes this year is Monday, April 17.

(For more information, contact Gary Gudmundson, Ohio Department of Taxation at 614/644-6903, or, Scott Milburn, Press Secretary at 614/644-7474.)

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