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January 11, 2000  -  Columbus, Ohio  -  Ohioans Can Get State Refunds Electronically

Tax Refund Option Saves Time and Money

Ohioans can now get their state income tax refunds back even faster. The Ohio Department of Taxation and Auditor of State Jim Petro announced today that those individuals who file their state taxes electronically can receive an electronic refund deposited directly into a checking or savings account.

"Allowing those who already 'E-File' their state taxes to receive a refund electronically is efficient for Ohioans and saves the state more than $375,000 a year in processing costs," said Auditor of State Jim Petro.

Ohio saves an estimated 40 cents for each paper check converted to direct deposit. The Auditor's office has responsibility for issuing payments owed by the state.

"We're working hard to make these programs even more attractive to taxpayers, and direct deposit of refunds is a great feature," said Ohio Tax Commissioner Tom Zaino. "It gives people more control over the system and gives us an opportunity to enhance our service to the public."

The new option allows taxpayers who file their state income tax by telephone (TeleFile) or electronically (E-File) to receive refunds directly into their checking or savings account. Direct deposit can make refunds available within seven days. In comparison, Ohioans who choose to have a refund check mailed to them could wait two weeks if they filed by telephone or electronically, and up to two months if they file a paper return.

More than 1.1 million Ohioans filed "paperless" returns last year. Only California has more paperless tax filers. The E-File option is available to all Ohio residents, while the TeleFile program this year has been expanded to allow more taxpayers to phone in their income tax returns. Taxpayers can find out more about either program by calling the Department of Taxation (800-282-1780).

For more information contact:

Gary Gudmundson, Communications Director
Ohio Department of Taxation
(614) 644-6903

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