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Distributions - Sales Tax

Distributions - Sales Tax

  • Overview
  • Distribution is due by the 20th of each month.


Interactive Sales Tax Data

Medicaid Local Sales Tax Transition

Distribution Breakdowns for each County and RTA

Current Year Sales Tax Distributions

Prior Years' Distributions (one tab per year)


  • Revenue Accounting
    • by email: revenueaccounting@tax.state.oh.us
    • by phone: (614) 466-7150


  1. How do I change my banking information for direct deposit of funds or sign up for direct deposit?

    All banking information can be conveniently accessed and updated by logging into the State’s Supplier Portal.  Once you have logged into the Supplier Portal, you will need to go to the Supplier Forms section and there is a ‘Change ETF’ option.  A completed ‘Authorization Agreement for Direct Deposit of EFT payments’ form is required along with a copy of a current voided check or a bank letter.  The form must include a handwritten signature. 

    When completing section 1 of the form, please select ‘Change/Update’; when completing section 3 of the form, you will typically select ‘All other’; and both sections 4 and 5 will need to be completed.

    If assistance is needed navigating the website, contact the Ohio Shared Services at (877) 644-6771 or email ohiosharedservice@ohio.gov.

Additional Resources

Additional Resources