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Distributions - Real Property Tax Rollbacks

Distributions - Real Property Tax Rollbacks

  • Overview
  • Settlement dates are semi-annually in February and August.


Electronic Submission of Rollback Settlements via Online Portal

The Ohio Department of Taxation has developed an electronic submission process for the rollback settlements via an online portal. Both the County Auditor and County Treasurer will submit their respective forms via online entry or CSV upload. We have coordinated with The Ohio Department of Education (ODE) in this transition; once Taxation has reconciled the settlement, we will forward the necessary information to ODE for reimbursement to the appropriate school districts. Rather than mailing in paper settlement forms to both Taxation and Education; you will now submit the request for reimbursement electronically through the County Portal.  County Auditors will now be reporting by Recipient Numbers and County Treasurers will need to report using Taxing District Numbers (listings of both may be located below, under 'Entity Identification Numbers'). 

There are two methods for submitting the settlement information electronically- to manually enter the data by hitting the ‘New Record’ or upload a CSV file to submit the data.  If you have reports provided from your software company and they are CSV files, then you can simply upload them through the County Portal . If your settlements were not provided as a CSV file, you can always manually prepare the information by using the templates available for download on the County Portal.  

Local Government Rollback Portal Registration
To file rollback settlements for your County, you must first register an account

Local Government Rollback Portal

Entity Identification Numbers

Interactive Rollback Tax Data

Distribution to Locals

Distributions by County (Taxation & Education)

Administration Fees

Please Note: 
H.B. 110 has continued the suspension of the property tax administration fee for fiscal year 2022.
      There will be no reduction in distributions for the following settlements:
            August 2019, February 2020, August 2020, February 2021, August 2021 & February 2022


H.B. 166 enacted law which suspended the property tax administration fee for the 2020-2021 biennium.
H.B. 26 enacted law which suspended the property tax administration fee for the 2018-2019 biennium.

Additional One-Percent Administration Fee


  • Revenue Accounting
    • by email: revenueaccounting@tax.state.oh.us
    • by phone: (614) 466-7150
  • Ernie Massie, Tax Analysis (614) 466-0694 (Administrative Fee Calculation)


  1. How do I change my banking information for direct deposit of funds or sign up for direct deposit?
    • All banking information can be conveniently accessed and updated by logging into the State’s Supplier Portal.  Once you have logged into the Supplier Portal, you will need to go to the Supplier Forms section and there is a ‘Change ETF’ option.  A completed ‘Authorization Agreement for Direct Deposit of EFT payments’ form is required along with a copy of a current voided check or a bank letter.  The form must include a handwritten signature. 
      •  When completing section 1 of the form, please select ‘Change/Update’; when completing section 3 of the form, you will typically select ‘All other’; and both sections 4 and 5 will need to be completed.
      • Please note that this does require the use of an OH|ID.  If assistance is needed navigating the website, contact the Ohio Shared Services at (877) 644-6771 or email ohiosharedservice@ohio.gov.
  2. My distribution shows an 'Adj Amt' in column G, what is this for?

    • If your entity is identified as a County in column B, this represents the administrative fee paid by the Department of Taxation.  Revenue Accounting will no longer be issuing separate reimbursements for the administrative fees; rather, the County’s rollback reimbursement will now be increased by the administrative fee amount attributed to the non-school portions.  For example, your County received 2 ACH payments for the August 2019 rollback settlement; one for the requested reimbursement amount and another for the calculated administrative fee.  Beginning February 2020, you County would anticipate to receive 1 ACH payment in the amount of combined amount.  The fees that are distributed from the Department of Education will remain unchanged, so those should still be a separate ACH.

    • If your entity is identified as a Municipality in column B, this represents an offset for a Municipal Net Profit Tax (MNPT) deficiency.  Pursuant to R.C. 718.83(D)(3), if timely payment is not made as required in R.C. 718.83(C), the Tax Commissioner may recover deficiency of municipal net profit tax by deducting the amount from subsequent distributions of property tax.  For this reason, your property tax rollback reimbursement has been used as an offset to your deficiency.

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