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Distributions - LGF and PLF

Local Government Fund (LGF) and Public Library Fund (PLF)

  • Monthly Distributions are made by the 10th of each month
  • July 2019 LGF Distribution was determined in accordance to permanent law effective 7/1/2019
  • December 2020 Distribution was the first Local Government Fund distribution reduced for traffic enforcement camera (TEC) fines 

Am. Sub. H.B. 62, the FY 2020-2021 transportation budget bill, amended Ohio Revised Code (R.C.) 5747.502, which impacts any local authority that operated one or more traffic camera monitoring device(s) in the preceding fiscal year. Effective July 3, 2019, the new provision requires that any local authority that operated a traffic camera monitoring device during the preceding fiscal year file a report with the Commissioner that includes the fines the authority has collected for any violation of any local ordinance that are based upon evidence recorded by the traffic camera.  While Senate Bill 163, enacted and effective October 22, 2020 revised R.C. 5747.502, the following provisions remain intact: 

  •  R.C. 5747.502(C)(1) and (2) provide that each of the next twelve payments the municipality or local authority, as applicable, receives will be reduced proportionately by the amount of fines collected in the preceding fiscal year. 
  • R.C. 5747.502(D) provides that if a local authority required to file a report fails to do so, the Commissioner must cease providing payments to the local authority directly under R.C. 5747.50 or reduce payments to the appropriate county undivided local government fund by an amount equal to the total of the payments the local authority would have received otherwise under R.C. 5747.51 or 5747.53 until such time as a report is received by the Commissioner.


Current Year Distributions-Fund 7065

Current Year Distributions-Fund 7069 County (LGF to Counties)

Current Year Distributions-Fund 7069 Municipalities (LGF to Municipalities)

Qualifying Village & Township Distribution Amounts by County

Prior Years' Distributions

Forecasted Revenue

March 2015 $10 Million Township Distribution


  • Questions regarding the monthly LGF and/or PLF distributions should be directed to Revenue Accounting 
    • by email: revenueaccounting@tax.state.oh.us
    • by phone: (614) 466-7150
  • Questions relating to revenue forecasting should be directed to Ernest Massie of Tax Analysis at (614) 466-0694


  1. How do I change my banking information for direct deposit of funds?
    • All banking information can be conveniently accessed and updated by logging into the State’s Supplier Portal.  Once you have logged into the Supplier Portal, you will need to go to the Supplier Forms section and there is a ‘Change ETF’ option.  A completed ‘Authorization Agreement for Direct Deposit of EFT payments’ form is required along with a copy of a current voided check or a bank letter.  The form must include a handwritten signature. When completing section 1 of the form, please select ‘Change/Update’; when completing section 3 of the form, you will typically select ‘All other’; and both sections 4 and 5 will need to be completed.

      Please note that this does require the use of an OH|ID.  If assistance is needed navigating the website, contact the Ohio Shared Services at (877) 644-6771 or email ohiosharedservice@ohio.gov.

Additional Resources

Additional Resources