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Distributions - Kilowatt-Hour Tax (KWH/MCF)

Distributions - Kilowatt-Hour Tax (KWH/MCF)

  • Overview
  • *New* Effective FY 2016, H.B. 64 amended KWH/MCF and will no longer be distributed.  Commercial Activity Tax will now be distributed on August and February schedule. For more information click here.


Distribution Amounts

Excess Distribution Amounts


  • Revenue Accounting (614) 466-7150
  • Ernie Massie, Tax Analysis (614) 466-0694
  • Meghan Sullivan, Tax Analysis (614) 995-4457 (for questions regarding the calculations)


  1. How can I change my banking information for direct deposit of funds or update our address?

    1. Information can be conveniently accessed and updated by logging into the Supplier Portal using an OH|ID

      1. If additional help is needed to create an OH|ID or navigating the portal please contact Ohio Shared Services at (877) 644-6771

Additional Resources

Additional Resources