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The Finder - Ohio Public School District Tax Features

The Finder provides:

  • The Ohio public school district number associated with a given address/location;
  • The applicable school district income tax rate if such a tax is in effect for the year requested; AND
  • The respective school district numbers assigned by the Department of Taxation and by the Ohio Department of Education.

The Finder is a public resource that allows you to search by address, GPS coordinates, or zip code to locate school district information. The Finder has other functions. If you have a database or list of addresses, The Finder will append school district information associated with those addresses. You can also download files from The Finder that provide a database of maps, rates and boundaries.



  • By Address
  • By Zip Code, 5- or 9-digits
    NOTE: 5-digit zip code searches may result in multiple taxing jurisdictions as zip codes cross school district boundaries; 9-digit inquiries will provide more precise results.
  • By Latitude and Longitude
    NOTE: Enter the coordinates of a location, by degrees, minutes and seconds, or the decimal equivalent in the degrees field to determine pertinent Ohio public school district information associated with those coordinates.


  • Obtain color maps showing each school district and its boundaries.
  • Obtain a list (database table) of all the 5-digit zip codes in Ohio, with the school districts and applicable tax rates in those areas.
  • Obtain comma separated value (CSV) files for 5- and 9-digit zip codes, as well as addresses for each county, and for the entire State of Ohio. These files can be used in your program to determine school district boundaries and applicable tax rates.


  • Registration
    Users must register in one of two ways to access the upload and other functions of the Finder.
    • Registration through the Ohio Business Gateway (OBG) is recommended for vendors and out-of-state sellers. Registering with the OBG enables the user to file and pay school district withholding tax and bill payments. Registering through the OBG lets you use the same user name and password for both the OBG and The Finder.
    • Registration directly with The Finder can be done anonymously, however an e-mail address is required for lost or forgotten password retrieval.
  • Upload/Return File Instructions
    A registered user may upload a database file of addresses and The Finder will append the school district and applicable tax rate for those addresses.

The Finder is a service of the Office of Information Technology (OIT/Department of Administrative Services). If you have questions or concerns about information listed on The Finder, please contact:

Additional Resources

Additional Resources