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W-2 Upload Frequently Asked Questions

1. We are a payroll service provider with numerous clients in Ohio. Are the W-2s required to be filed separately for each client or is there a bulk upload option?

Answer: There is no need to produce individual files for each of your clients. The W-2 Upload feature will accept files containing multiple companies in the file.  Files must NOT exceed 50mb.


2. I am a payroll provider who has uploaded W-2 files.  Will these W-2 files be visible in my Gateway clients’ history?

Answer:  No. Unlike other employer withholding transactions submitted by a payroll provider that are visible to the client, the W-2 file upload history can only be viewed by the user who submitted the file.  As a payroll provider, history of previously submitted W-2 files uploaded can only be found within the W-2 upload feature.  


3. As a payroll provider, I selected the wrong client/employer name on the dashboard when uploading the W-2 file for another client.  What should I do to correct this error?

Answer:  W-2 files are processed based on the account data of the client employer(s) contained within the file, so having the “wrong” client employer(s) name on the dashboard will not cause processing issues.  No correction is needed as long as the email confirmation that your data was successfully uploaded is received. 


4. What web browser should I use to access the W-2 Upload feature?

Answer:  Google Chrome is the recommended web browser. Firefox is not a supported web browser for the W-2 Upload feature.


5. I am attempting to upload a plain text W-2 file using the W-2/1099 Upload tool.  Why am I being told that it is an invalid file type?

Answer:  Txt data files that adhere to the EFW2 specifications must have a lowercase extension (.txt) in order to be successfully uploaded on the Ohio Business Gateway.


6. Where do I find information on how to correct errors?

Answer:  Additional information on how to correct the most common errors can be found here (link to common errors helpful content).  Please review the W-2 specifications for more in depth guidance on correct formatting by clicking here

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Additional Resources