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NEW W-2 Upload Feature Now Live on the Ohio Business Gateway!

W-2 Upload Frequently Asked Questions

  1. We are a payroll service provider with numerous clients in Ohio.  Are the W-2's required to be filed separately for each client or is there a bulk upload option?

    Answer: There is no need to produce individual files for each of your clients. The W-2 Upload Feature will accept files containing multiple companies in the file. Files must NOT exceed 50MB.
  2. Can I still submit my W-2 information via CD?

    Answer: The option to submit W-2 information via CD has been eliminated. The only option to submit this information will be through the Ohio Business Gateway.
  3. How should 1099-R files be submitted?

    Answer: 1099-R information is still being accepted via CD. 1099-R specifications can be viewed by clicking here.
  4. I issue less than 250 W-2s, am I required to submit this information to the Ohio Department of Taxation (ODT)?

    Answer: We encourage all employers to submit their W-2 information to us electronically regardless of how many W-2 forms they issue.
  5. I don’t have a Gateway account. How do I submit my file?

    Answer: Registering for an OH ID is required to access the W-2 Upload feature for submitting W-2 files.
  6. I am a payroll provider who has uploaded W-2 files. Will these W-2 files be visible in my Gateway clients’ history?

    Answer: No. Unlike other employer withholding transactions submitted by a payroll provider that are visible to the client, the W-2 file upload history can only be viewed by the user who submitted the file. As a payroll provider, history of previously submitted W-2 files uploaded can only be found within the W-2 Upload Feature.
  7. Where do I find information on how to correct errors?

    Answer: Additional information on how to correct the most common errors can be found here. Please review the W-2 specifications above for more in depth guidance on correct formatting.
  8. I create my W-2 PDF files on the Social Security Administration (SSA) website. Am I able to upload the same PDF files to ODT using the W-2 Upload feature on the Ohio Business Gateway?

    Answer: No. The new W-2 Upload feature will not accept PDF files created on the SSA website. ODT only accepts submissions that adhere to the EFW2 specifications found here.

Questions regarding the W-2 Upload Feature can be directed to the Employment Tax Division at: IncomeStatementsEWT@tax.state.oh.us or by calling: 1-800-304-3211.

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