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PROPERTY TAX by SCHOOL DISTRICT: Taxable Values, Taxes Charged and Levied, Average Tax Rates for Current Expenses, and Average Values per Pupil, Tax Year 2019

In the 2019 tax year, Ohio school districts’ current operating levies (including emergency levies and joint vocational school operating levies) yielded approximately $11.0 billion in taxes on property with a taxable value of approximately $286.6 billion.   Tax year 2019 real property and public utility tangible personal property taxes are payable in calendar year 2020.

Real property taxes shown in the table reflect the application of tax reduction factors and include taxes that have been reduced under various property tax programs that are reimbursed to local school districts by the state (i.e., the non-business credit, owner occupancy credit, and homestead exemption programs for real property).   The table also shows calculated operating millage rates for real and public utility tangible personal property and average property values per pupil.

Data are derived from records of the Ohio Department of Education and the Ohio Department of Taxation: the school district valuation (DTE-13) and school district valuation and taxes (DTE-14) tax abstracts. These abstracts compile data filed by county auditors with the Ohio Department of Taxation. The spreadsheet below has three tabs: the traditional SD-1 table, the source file (SD1DAT file shows property data broken down by classification), and a dataset to show all data excluding joint vocational school operating levies (DTE-14S).

Please use  this link for additional information on Ohio’s property tax. If any questions or concerns arise, feel free to contact Tax Analysis at  tax.analysis@tax.state.oh.us.

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