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School District Taxable Property Values to Assist in Calculation of Net Indebtedness under Section 133.06 of the Revised Code, Tax Year 2005-2010

Any school district planning to submit to a vote of the district’s electors the question of issuance of securities in an amount that will make the district’s net indebtedness after issuance of the securities exceed an amount equal to four percent of its tax valuation but not exceed nine percent of its tax valuation shall be required to obtain consent to the submission granted by the Superintendent of Public Instruction and the Tax Commissioner.

Tax valuation is defined in Division (PP) of Section 133.01 of the Revised Code. For purposes of section 133.06 of the Revised Code, "tax valuation" shall not include the valuation of tangible personal property used in business, telephone or telegraph property, interexchange telecommunications company property, or personal property owned or leased by a railroad company and used in railroad operations listed under or described in section 5711.22, division (B) or (F) of section 5727.111, or section 5727.12 of the Revised Code.

Values in this table reflect tangible personal property taxable values to be excluded from the calculation of net indebtedness.

Data are derived from real/public utility personal property and tangible personal property abstracts filed by county auditors with the Ohio Department of Taxation and records of the Ohio Department of Taxation.

Taxable values for each school district and year are available in the SD1 data set, Taxable Property Values by School District, Taxes Levied and Tax Rates for Current Expenses, and Average Property Values per Pupil (DTE13/DTE14)(SD1).

Please see Bulletin 8 for more information.

Please contact Tax.analysis@Tax.State.OH.US with any questions.

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