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PROPERTY TAX RATES: 2019 Rates by Joint Vocational School District

Property tax rate abstracts (DTE 27) are filed with the Ohio Department of Taxation, Tax Equalization Division annually by each county auditor.

Property tax rate abstracts contain gross tax rates by levy as passed by the electorate or adjusted by resolution. The Tax Equalization Division calculates tax reduction factors and generates the Composite Tax Reduction Factor Report (DTE515) which includes the gross rate and effective tax rates for each tax levy.

See this link of ODT's Annual Report for more information.

The attached file contains tax rates, by levy, for Ohio's joint vocational school districts. For each levy the file shows purpose, tax rates, reduction factors, and applicability of property tax credits.

Any questions should be directed to the Tax Analysis Division at tax.analysis@tax.state.oh.us.

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