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Personal Income Tax 1992 Income Tax Returns By School District

Table Y-2 contains information from 1992 Ohio personal income tax returns categorized by school district as indicated by taxpayers on their returns. State law requires that Ohio income tax returns include a line on which taxpayers indicate their school district of residence.

A total of 4,853,461 Ohio personal income tax returns were filed for tax year 1992 (April 15, 1993 filing deadline). Of these, it is estimated 4,695,825 were filed by Ohio residents. Of these, 4,459,204 (95.0 percent) indicated a school district of residence.

Since the number of taxpayers in each school district may be under reported, total incomes in each district may be understated. However, the average income in each district generally will not be affected.

The statewide average income (federal adjusted gross income) reported on all 1992 tax returns was $32,816 per return, an increase of 6.0 percent from the 1991 returns. The Indian Hill Exempted Village School District in Hamilton County reported the highest average income of all 612 school districts, with $132,816 per return. The lowest average income was reported in New Boston Local School District in Scioto County, with $17,722 per return.

In addition to showing the number of returns filed by residents of each school district, the average income, and the income ranking, Table Y-2 indicates three other items of information for each district. These include the number of personal exemptions claimed on returns (for taxpayer, spouse, and dependents), the total income and the total income tax liability.

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