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Individual Income Tax: 2015 Income Tax Returns by School District

Table Y-2 contains information from 2015 Ohio personal income tax returns categorized by school district as indicated by taxpayers on their returns. State law requires that Ohio income tax returns include a line on which taxpayers indicate their school district of residence.

A total of 5,356,440 Ohio personal income tax returns were filed for tax year 2015 (April 18, 2016 filing deadline). Of these, 5,192,811 (96.9 percent) indicated a school district of residence.

The statewide average (federal adjusted gross) income reported on all 2015 tax returns was $78,257 per return. The Indian Hill Exempted Village School District in Hamilton County reported the highest average income of all 614 school districts, with $386,671 per return. The lowest average income was reported in East Cleveland City School District in Cuyahoga County, with $30,128 per return.

The following link will provide details on Ohio’s personal income tax including recent legislative changes: 2016 Annual Report.

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