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Suspected Tax Non-Compliance/Fraud Information Report

The following is a list of information needed to properly assist in the investigation of potential non-compliance/tax fraud with the State of Ohio.

Please complete the following information (* Denotes a required field)

 Information about Suspected Non-Compliant/Fraudulent Individual/Business
Individual's Name
City/State/ZIP Code
Business Name
Business Address
Business Type
 Identifying Numbers
Social Security Number
Federal ID Number
License Plate Number
Other Identifying Number
 Areas of Suspected Non-Compliance/Fraud
Please Check Areas of Suspected Fraud

 Collecting and failing to remit sales tax
 Collecting and failing to remit withholding tax
 Cigarette smuggling from another state
 Smuggling of other tobacco products (i.e., cigars, pipe tobacco, snuff)
 Fraudulent record keeping
 Failure to collect sales tax
 Failure to report use tax on purchases
 Selling untaxed motor fuel for use on roadways
 Offering an inaccurate exemption for a consumer
 Failure to file income tax
 Failure to claim entire income (unreported income)
 Use of dyed fuel on the highway
Date of Suspected Event
Do you have written or other evidence?

Please Describe the Essentials of the Suspected Non-Compliance/Fraud
 Personal Information
Telephone Number (including area code)
Email Address
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Additional Resources