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School District Income Tax

The Ohio school district income tax generates revenue to support school districts who vote to enact the tax. This tax is in addition to and separate from any federal, state, and city income or property taxes. Ohio school districts may enact a school district income tax with voter approval. As of January 2023, 210 school districts impose an income tax.

The Department of Taxation collects and administers the tax on behalf of the school districts. School district income tax returns are subject to the same filing, amending, payment, extension, and refund requirements and procedures as Ohio’s individual income tax return. The Department offers free options to file and pay electronically.

Any individual or estate that receives income while a resident of a taxing school district is subject to school district income tax. To determine your school district and its tax rate, enter your home address into The Finder:

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To have school district income tax withheld from your pay, submit an IT 4 with the school district name and number to your employer. Please note, your school district withholding is not the same as your city income tax withholding. To locate your school district withholding, see the sample W-2.

Employers looking for information on withholding school district income tax should click here.

School District Income Tax Bases

Each school district that levies a tax does so based on one of the following two methods:

Traditional: The traditional tax base is the taxpayer’s Ohio income tax base (Ohio IT 1040, line 3 minus line 4), plus any business income deduction. Traditional filers must complete lines 19-23 on the SD 100.

Earned Income: The earned income tax base includes only employee compensation and net earnings from self-employment to the extent included in modified adjusted gross income. Earned income filers must complete lines 24-27 on the SD 100.

To determine a school district’s tax type, see the “Ohio School District Numbers” section of the Individual and School District income tax instructions.

School District Income Tax Resources

Taxpayers with additional questions on this subject may contact the Department of Taxation by email or by calling 1-800-282-1780 (1-800-750-0750 for persons who use text telephones (TTYs) or adaptive telephone equipment).