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ID Confirmation Quiz

Did You Get an Identity Confirmation Quiz Letter?

With income tax fraud and identity theft on the rise, the Ohio Department of Taxation is committed to safeguarding taxpayer dollars by increasing security measures. The identity confirmation quiz is just one of the tools the Department is using to prevent fraudsters from receiving a refund as a result of identity theft.

If you received a quiz letter from us in response to a tax return that you filed or authorized someone else to file on your behalf, you'll need to complete the simple quiz to confirm your identity. The quiz should take just a few minutes of your time. Once you have passed the quiz, the Department will continue processing your return.

To login and take the identity confirmation quiz, you will need:

  1. Reference Number from the quiz letter;
  2. Authorization Code from the quiz letter; and
  3. Refund amount requested from your Ohio individual or school district tax return.

If you received a quiz letter from us and did not file or authorize someone else to file a return on your behalf, please click the blue button labeled “Take Quiz/Identify Return as Suspect” for directions on how to notify the Department that the return is suspect.

NOTE: Identifying the return as suspect will aid in the processing of your actual return when filed, if you have an Ohio filing requirement.

To begin the quiz or for more information on how to report the return as suspect click the blue button below.

Take Quiz/Identify Return as Suspect


For more details regarding the quiz, watch the tutorial below:

If you have trouble viewing the video on this page, click here to view the video directly on YouTube.