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The Online Notice Response Service allows you to securely complete the questionnaire received from the Ohio Department of Taxation by clicking on one of the links below. If you already have an account through OH|ID (e.g., Ohio Business Gateway), utilize the same Username and Password to access this service.

Seller Motor Vehicle and Watercraft Questionnaire (Casual Sale)

Buyer Motor Vehicle and Watercraft Questionnaire (Casual Sale)

Direct Farm Use Questionnaire

Transportation for Hire Questionnaire

Public Utility Questionnaire

The electronic form for the Aircraft Questionnaire can be accessed by clicking on the link below. You must have an e-mail address to use this electronic form.

Aircraft Questionnaire


Seller Motor Vehicle and Watercraft Questionnaire (Casual Sale)

Buyer Motor Vehicle and Watercraft Questionnaire (Casual Sale)

Direct Farm Use Questionnaire

Transportation for Hire Questionnaire

Public Utility Questionnaire

Aircraft Questionnaire

STEC IC Statement Regarding Sale of a Motor Vehicle, Off-Highway Motorcycle, or All-Purpose Vehicle in Interstate Commerce

STEC MV Certificate of Exemption Regarding Sale of a Motor Vehicle, Off-Highway Motorcycle, or All-Purpose Vehicle

STEC NR Affidavit Regarding Sale of a Motor Vehicle, Off-Highway, Motorcycle, or All-purpose Vehicle to an Out-of-State Resident

STEC WC Certificate of Exemption Regarding Sale of a Watercraft, Outboard Motor, or Personal Watercraft

STEC WCIC Statement Regarding Sale of a Watercraft, Outboard Motor and/or Personal Watercraft in Interstate Commerce

ST WC NR: Nonresident Watercraft and/or Outboard Motor Sales Tax Return

ST WC NR: Instructions for Nonresident Watercraft and/or Outboard Motor Sales Tax Return

ST WC AFF: Watercraft and Outboard Motor Affidavit Regarding Sales to a Nonresident

Watercraft sales & use tax survey of other states



Frequently Asked Questions - Exemptions

Frequently Asked Questions - Military