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Application for Out-of-State Sellers and/or Marketplace Facilitator Registration (UT 1000)

As sales and use tax account holders are mandated to file returns electronically, the Department strongly recommends that you apply for your Out-of-State Sellers account electronically using the Gateway. At the time of your registration, you will be setting up your Gateway account which will prepare you to file your monthly returns.

Please follow the link below to get started with the registration process where you can obtain your account immediately:

Ohio Business Gateway

Or if you prefer to mail in a paper application, please use the link below to obtain the PDF fill-in version of Form UT 1000.

* Note: Processing of a paper application may take up to six weeks.

UT 1000 Paper Application

For more information regarding Marketplace Facilitators, please click the link provided below:

Marketplace Facilitators

For more information regarding Out-of-State Sellers, please click the link provided below:

Out-of-State Sellers