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Self Help eLibrary

The Self Help eLibrary contains various tools to help you better understand the taxes we administer; the tax forms used to fulfill your filing obligations; and the computer systems and software applications that are available to assist you.  This information may provide the answers to your questions while saving you time. The eLibrary contains the following:
  • Tutorials (contains both audio and visual)
  • Interactive notices (which include links to information for a better understanding of your tax notice)
  • FAQ’s

If additional assistance is needed after reviewing the self help content, you can e-mail us or contact us by phone.

Below you will see the categories that are available for your review. Under each category, you will find individually related topics. If you don’t find what you were looking for today, stop back at a later date since we will continue to add content to the eLibrary as it becomes available.

Income Tax Billing HelpBusiness HelpIFTA Help

Income Tax Billing HelpOhio Business Tax HelpOhio Virtual Tax Academy