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Problem Resolution Unit

Problem Resolution Unit

The Problem Resolution Unit serves as a liaison between the Department and taxpayers when the normal lines of communication break down or when a problem remains after attempts to solve it through designated channels have failed.

When should you contact the Problem Resolution Unit?

  • It has been at least forty-five (45) days and the Department of Taxation has not responded to your request for information.
  • You believe that you have followed normal channels and have not received adequate response or service from the Department.

If you believe that you have a problem that qualifies for analysis by the Problem Resolution Unit, request an investigation by sending the PRO Initial Contact Form to one of the options listed below:


Ohio Department of Taxation
Attn: Warren Nicewaner - Problem Resolution Unit 
P.O. Box 530
Columbus, OH  43216-0530



Fax Number - 253-252-8699

What should be included in your request?

  • Your name, address and telephone number, as well as the name, address and telephone number of anyone who may represent you in tax matters;
  • your taxpayer identification number, (social security, federal employer i.d., corporate charter and/or license number, vendor's license number etc.);
  • the type of tax involved (income tax, sales tax, corporate franchise tax, etc.);
  • copies of any returns, assessments, cancelled checks, correspondence or any other written material that may pertain to the problem;
  • a description of any contacts you have made or attempted to make with the Department (for example: dates of letters and telephone calls, the name of anyone that you may have spoken with, etc.);
  • and last but not least...a complete description of your problem!

A Problem Resolution Officer (PRO) can begin an investigation as soon as your request is received; however, the more information you provide in writing with your request, the better a PRO can cut through the red tape!

What can you expect from a PRO?

You will receive prompt acknowledgement from the PRO even if your problem is outside the scope of the Problem Resolution Unit.

If your problem is one that is eligible for assistance from the Problem Resolution Unit, a full investigation into the case will be launched.  A PRO will work within the Department of Taxation as a neutral party, closely examining whatever breakdown in communication has occurred and looking for the appropriate solution to your problem.

If your problem is not eligible for help through this office, a PRO will forward your request to the appropriate tax division for action.

The Problem Resolution Unit cannot:

  • Intercede in an audit.
  • Interpret state law.
  • Consider requests for hearings.
  • Hear arguments for abatement of taxes, penalties or interest.
  • Arbitrate in collection proceedings conducted by the Ohio Attorney General's office.
  • Answer questions pertaining to any matter that is in the appeals process.

To contact the Problem Resolution Unit directly by phone, please call 614-466-1610.

To obtain further information regarding audit and appeal procedures, please view the Taxpayers' Bill of Rights brochure.


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