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January 9, 2012

Ready, Set...File
Ohio opens electronic filing season today for income taxes

For those who hate to wait, the Ohio Department of Taxation today opened its doors for electronic filing of the 2011 Ohio income or school district tax return.

While paper tax returns will always be handled, the department is encouraging taxpayers to take advantage of the ease, convenience and speed of electronic filing — benefits that helped convince eight of every 10 taxpayers to file electronically last year.

The biggest benefit, of course, for most taxpayers is a speedy refund. Electronic filers typically see their refund deposited directly in their bank within five to seven days – significantly quicker than with paper returns.
If you want to join the electronic crowd, Ohio offers a few electronic filing options:

  • I-File: This Web-based software asks taxpayers a series of questions, then compiles a state or school district income tax return based on their answers. I-File will even do the math, and it’s free.
  • eFile: Taxpayers who file through paid preparers or who use commercial software to prepare a return to file through the IRS e-file program.
  • TeleFile: Ohio’s dial-by-telephone filing method.

With so many Ohio taxpayers now choosing the benefits of filing electronically, the Department of Taxation is no longer mailing paper income tax booklets and forms to individual taxpayers. Tax Commissioner Joe Testa said the decision provides big financial savings, “Last year, more than 97% of the forms we mailed to taxpayers were not used so we decided to stop printing and mailing them. This will save Ohio taxpayers more than $1 million a year.”  

However, for those who need or want a paper booklet and forms, the department is making about 500,000 instruction booklets available at various libraries, banks and post offices around the state.  The department will also send these materials to any taxpayer who requests them.

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(For more information, contact Gary Gudmundson, Communications Director, at (614)466-0099.)



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