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News Releases - 2001

  • 12/10/2001 Tax Amnesty Collections Top $6 Million at Halfway Point
    • EXCERPT:  "Ohio Tax Commissioner Thomas M. Zaino said today (12/10/01) that taxpayer response to the state’s first-ever Tax Amnesty and the amount of money collected at the halfway mark of the program is encouraging."

  • 10/23/2001  Taft Promotes Tax Amnesty Opportunity
    • EXCERPT:"Ohio Gov. Bob Taft today urged taxpayers who have fallen behind on their taxes to hurry and take advantage of Ohio's first-ever Tax Amnesty program, for themselves, their neighbors and the state."

  • 09/13/2001 Taft Announces Extension of Tax-Filing Deadlines
    • EXCERPT:"Governor Bob Taft today announced that the Ohio Department of Taxation has suspended tax-filing requirements for businesses and individuals impacted by Tuesday's terrorist attacks."

  • 08/10/2001 Ohio Tax Amnesty Program Applications Available
    • EXCERPT:  "Ohio Gov. Bob Taft today urged Ohioans who are behind on their taxes to plan now to take advantage of the state’s first ever Tax Amnesty Program. Ohio Tax Amnesty Program applications will be available beginning Friday, Aug. 10. The program begins Oct. 15, 2001."

  • 07/26/2001 Schools, Local Governments Begin Receiving Revenue From New Kilowatt Hour, Natural Gas Taxes Next Year
    • EXCERPT:"Schools and local governments beginning next year will receive $288 million annually from the new kilowatt hour tax on electricity and the new thousand cubic foot tax on natural gas, according to Ohio Tax Commissioner Thomas M. Zaino."

  • 06/13/2001 Governor Taft Says Taxpayers Will Keep Full Federal Refund
    • EXCERPT:"Governor Bob Taft said today that Ohioans will get the full benefit of the estimated $1.7 billion they are expected to receive from President Bush's tax cut."

  • 05/02/2001 Ohio Farmland Tax Values Drop in 23 Ohio Counties
    • EXCERPT:  "Farmland values used in determining property tax bills dropped an average of $27 per acre -- about 10% -- over the past three years."

  • 04/23/2001 Ohio Businessman Pleads in Criminal Tax Case
    • EXCERPT:  "A former New Philadelphia mobile home dealer pleaded not guilty Thursday (April 19) in Tuscarawas County Common Pleas Court to tax and theft charges, including failing to remit sales taxes between 1995 and 1999."

  • 04/11/2001 ODT Offers Help and Helpful Hints for Last Minute Tax Filers
    • EXCERPT:  "Ohio taxpayers who wait until the end (April 16th, midnight) to file their state individual income tax can get help until nearly the end from the Ohio Department of Taxation (ODT)."

  • 04/09/2001 The Line on Use Tax
    • EXCERPT:  "Ohio Tax Commissioner Tom Zaino said today the new use tax line on the year 2000 Ohio Income Tax return is an effort to stem a growing loss of millions of dollars in sales tax revenues for state and local governments--and millions more in sales by Ohio businesses."

  • 04/02/2001 New Utility Tax Structure Taking Shape
    • EXCERPT:"Ohio Tax Commissioner Thomas M. Zaino today released the findings of a project recalculating the value of tangible personal property owned by electric and natural gas companies in the state."

  • 03/29/2001 No Fuss Forms
    • EXCERPT:"The Ohio Department of Taxation (ODT) is offering taxpayers an opportunity to end an era."

  • 02/04/2001 Use Tax Facts
    • EXCERPT:"Ohio Tax Commissioner Tom Zaino today outlined some general guidelines for taxpayers who, for the first time, are being asked to pay any state use tax they owe when filing the 2000 Ohio Income Tax return."

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