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Distributions - E 9-1-1

  • Distribution is due by the last day of each month
  • Effective for the October 29th distribution, section 128.55 of the Ohio Revised Code was updated in H.B. 110 of the 134th G.A. The total amount of the monthly disbursement is no longer based on the Public Utilities Commission calendar year 2013 disbursements; however, the monthly proportions to determine each county’s disbursement did not change. The only impact is to the total dollars distributed. The entire amount available in the wireless 9-1-1 government assistance fund will be used at the time of calculation. Please note: the increase in the 10/29/21 disbursement was a result of the transition to the new base amount used for calculation and not a result of an increase in revenue.


Distribution Amounts

Prior Distribution Amounts


  • Revenue Accounting
    • by email: revenueaccounting@tax.state.oh.us
    • by phone: (614) 466-7150


Additional Resources

Additional Resources