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Requests for Data

On an annual basis, the Ohio Department of Taxation (ODT) asks local governments to complete surveys designed to gather data for several different types of taxes, including property, municipal income, lodging and the distribution of local government funds and public library funds.  A listing of all current surveys is available below for ease of reference. Please note, the surveys below are hosted on a vendor website named cognitoforms.com.

If needed, contact Tax.Analysis@tax.state.oh.us with questions or concerns.

Township Fiscal Officers:

  • Local Tax Certification - Calendar Year 2021
    Access the form using this link
    Review this job aid if needed.

Municipal Auditors:

  • Local Tax Certification  - Calendar Year 2021
    Access the form using this link
    Review this job aid if needed.

County Auditors: 

Lodging Tax:

At this time, we are requesting calendar year 2020 lodging tax data.
Access the calendar year 2020 using this link.
Review this job aid if needed.

Property Tax:

  • Conveyance Fees: Access this form to report calendar year 2021 conveyance fee data by using this link.
  • Homestead Exemptions: Report both real and manufactured home homestead exemption data, reimbursed in calendar year 2021, on this form. by using this link
  • Manufactured Homes: Report data on manufactured homes for calendar year 2022 by accessing this link by using this link



Additional Resources

Additional Resources