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Forms for Use by Local Officials

Forms for Use by Local Officials

The Ohio Department of Taxation has established a number of forms for use by local officials in reporting information to the department. Most of these forms should be available at the links below.

Fund Transfer

Under R.C. 5705.16, the tax commissioner generally must review and respond to a request from a political subdivision to transfer certain funds within thirty days of receipt of the request. The political subdivision seeking to transfer funds must submit the Form TA-FTP (identified below) along with a copy of the ordinance or resolution authorizing the transfer.

Please note, legislative authority alone is sufficient for some transfers. For example, money may be transferred from the general fund to any other fund of the subdivision or the unexpended balance in a bond fund can be transferred to the sinking fund or bond retirement fund from which such bonds are payable without the consent of the tax commissioner. See ORC section 5705.14 for a list of transfers that do not require tax commissioner approval.

  • TA-FTP — Fund Transfer Petition Application to the Tax Commissioner, Ohio Revised Code Section 5705.16 (PDF Fill-in).

Traffic Enforcement Camera Reporting

Any local authority that operated or contracted with another party to operate traffic enforcement cameras during the preceding fiscal year must file the following report with the Department of Taxation on or before July 31st of each year. “Local authority” includes any municipal corporation, county, or township. Failure to provide the report in a timely manner will affect the local authority’s eligibility for local government funds. See R.C. 5747.502.

Real Property

Click here for a list of all current real property tax forms.

Revenue Accounting

  • RA-JL Calendar Year 2023— Report on Distribution of Estimated Undivided Local Government Fund for 2023(Word)
  • NEW RA-DTA-MH-55 - 2022 — Certification of Tax Reduction Due to Manufactured Home Homestead Exemption
    (Revised July 2022) (PDF Fill-in)

With the deadline extension of December 31st to apply for the Owner Occupancy Credit and Homestead Exemption, the submission of “Late Filer” refunds will no longer be accepted. All should be reported as adjustments on the applicable Real Property Rollback, Manufactured Home Rollback, or Manufactured Homestead Exemption certifications.

Additional Resources

Additional Resources