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Ohio Recertifies Compliance with the Requirements of the Streamlined Sales Tax Agreement

Annually, the Streamlined Sales Tax Governing Board requires each member state to recertify the state’s compliance with the Streamlined Sales Tax Agreement. On August 2, 2021 Ohio submitted its recertification documents to the Governing Board. These documents are available below.

Ohio became a full member of the Streamlined Sales Tax Project (“SSTP”) on January 1, 2014. Ohio had been an associate member of SSTP since 2005. SSTP is a multi-state effort to make sales tax laws, rules, and systems more uniform among states. The goal is to make it easier for those who make sales in multiple states to voluntarily collect and remit sales taxes to each of those states.

Full membership (in the SSTP) is part of Ohio’s continuing effort to modernize the state’s tax structure. Creating a more business-friendly sales tax system and simplifying the collection of sales tax across the state helps retailers operating in multiple states and encourages remote sellers selling through the Internet and by mail order to voluntarily collect sales tax on sales to Ohio customers. Ohio’s state and local governments lose an estimated $350 million annually on untaxed sales by out-of-state vendors.

Latest Updates

  • Certificate of Compliance (effective August 2, 2021) — This document certifies the provisions of the Streamlined Sales Tax Project that Ohio is in compliance with and the relevant sections of state law that implement each provision.
  • Recertification Letter (PDF)
  • Library of Definitions and Taxability Matrix (Effective August 2, 2021) — This document provides standard definitions of common goods and services for purposes of the sales tax and shows how sales tax is applied to each under Ohio law.
  • Click here for access to Certificate of Compliance and Ohio State Taxability Matrix

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