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CAT Telefile

TeleFile is a quick and easy method to file and pay your CAT annual tax return. In order to get started, all you need is a touch-tone telephone and your CAT information. One requirement for TeleFile is that you are registered for a CAT account. Payment can be made by electronic check.

Before filing with TeleFile, we recommend you review the Frequently Asked Questions, below. Links to detailed TeleFile instructions and worksheets for annual filers are at the bottom of this page.

TeleFile Frequently Asked Questions

What is TeleFile?

TeleFile is a way for CAT annual filers to file a CAT annual tax return with payment by using the telephone. TeleFile may be used to file tax years 2006 and forward.

What do I need to have available when I call the TeleFile number?

You will need your 8-digit Ohio CAT account number (beginning with a 93-, 95-, or 96-), the ID (FEIN/SSN) you used to register your Ohio CAT account, the 4-digit tax year of the annual return being filed, the completed CAT annual tax return TeleFile worksheet for the tax year being filed, and your bank account and routing numbers.

How do I sign my TeleFile return?

The TeleFile script will instruct you to enter the (last 4-digits of FEIN/SSN) as your signature. Your return is not filed until you enter this code. You will receive a confirmation number once your return has been accepted.

What if I need to change an answer while I am using TeleFile?

During your TeleFile call, you will be asked several questions. After you answer each question by using the numbers on your telephone keypad, TeleFile will repeat your answer and ask you if the answer is correct. If you respond with a “no,” you will have one more chance to give the correct answer. Once you respond with a “yes”, you cannot go back to change the answer unless specifically directed to do so. However, if at any time during the TeleFile call you realize that one of your earlier answers was wrong, you may simply hang up and start again.

What should I do if I need to correct my return once I have completed TeleFile?

You must file an amended return through Ohio CAT TeleFile or the Ohio Business Gateway.

What should I keep in my records to verify my filing and/or payment?

The TeleFile system will provide you with a confirmation number after we have accepted your filing. Please enter the confirmation number in the appropriate box on your worksheet. If you choose to pay by CAT TeleFile electronic check, you will receive a separate confirmation for your payment. Please enter the confirmation number in the appropriate box on your worksheet.

What special instructions are there for payment by electronic check?

Please indicate whether the account from which you are paying your tax is a checking or savings account. The first 2 digits of the routing number must be 01 through 12, or 21 through 32. Do not use a deposit slip to verify the number because it may contain internal routing numbers that are not part of the actual number. On the sample check below, the routing number is 044036036. Note: The routing and account numbers may appear in different places on your check. The account number can be up to 17 digits. Omit hyphens, spaces and special symbols. Enter the number from left to right and leave any unused boxes blank. On the sample check, below, the account number is 40404059. Do not include the check number.

sample check

TeleFile instructions and worksheets 

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